EDGE 2012
(Emerging Directions in Global Education)
12 – 14 March 2012 | India Habitat Centre | New Delhi


EDGE Forum invites Session Proposals for the 5th edition of the annual Conference EDGE 2012 scheduled between 12 – 14, March, 2012 at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India.

EDGE 2012 Highlight Activities

  • International Conference
  • Intensive Workshops
  • Exhibition
  • EDGE Awards
  • Vision Talk
  • Highlight Lecture
  • EduPartnering

Focus Areas:

Education Policies 
Education Infrastructure
Faculty in Higher Education
Partnerships & Collaborations 
Finance in Education
Assessment & Testing
Accreditation & Regulation 
Technology in Education
Vocational Education
Medical Education
Technical Education

The deadline for submission of Proposals is –15 November 2011


EDGE Forum encourages informative and interactive sessions and follows the format given below:

  • The Conference sessions will be of 60 minute duration including 20-25 minutes discussion and interaction with the audience (Q & A Session).
  • Ideally the Conference Session should have a one Chairperson and 3 Speakers.
  • The Presentation of each speaker will be strictly not exceed more that 10 minutes hence we suggest that speaker should avoid repetition and commonly known facts and just focus on his core content. Hence PPT if any should be of 6 to 8 slides including Thank You slide! 
  • The Role of the Chairperson would be to structure the session, give Opening remarks, oversee the conduct of the session with close watch on time and stimulate the discussions in the session. Please note that the chairperson ideally should not make a presentation.
  • The speakers should not all be from one Institution, to encourage diverse perspective/ opinions and myriad experiences, involvement of multiple institutions with variety of profiles is encouraged.



EDGE Forum seeks diversity in topics, sector focus, methodology, as well as experience and demographics of presenters. We may invite speakers in order to obtain a balance or perspectives which have not been proposed.

  • Proposals will be evaluated and reviewed on the basis of the following elements:
    The issues, problems or Challenges addressed in the Proposal.
  • Relevance & Applicability to the Conference Themes
  • Originality, quality and value to justify a Conference Session
  • Appropriateness and timeliness to attract attendees
  • Diverse Perspectives & Diversity of Presenters


The Organizing Committee may request you to make slight changes keeping in mind the audience, in your title or content of the Session that you have proposed.

The Chairperson and Presenters/Speakers upon acceptance of the proposal must register for the conference.

While submitting a proposal it is implied that once selected the participants should participate in the conference and no cancellations will be encouraged.

  • Agree to present in the general conference when they are scheduled.
  • Implement suggestions by the Organisers, if EDGE opines that it will add to the quality of the session.
  • Arrange and pay for travel / accommodation and not expect any financial assistance from the organizers.
  • Make no substantive changes in content, process, names or numbers of presenters without notice and approval.
  • Participants names and other submitted data may be used to promote the session.
  • Meet all deadlines for submitting photos, handouts, a/v requirements, and other Conference materials
  • Refrain from marketing their organization, brand, products or services in the session.


We encourage you to read all of the information and directions for completing a proposal before getting started.

A proposal to be considered complete would require the following:

1. Title / Theme of the Session

2. Complete  information of the Chairperson and 3 Speakers.

a. Name, Complete Correspondence Address & Contact Details of Chairperson and Speakers

b. Profile / Biography of the Chairperson and Speakers (Limited to: 100 words) Please ensure that you include details like present position, experience, career graph, accomplishments, awards if any.

c. Individual topics of the Speakers and the Abstract (Limited to: 100 words)

3. Abstract / Description of the Session (Limited to: 200 Words): An overview of the theme of the Session and the issues that will be addressed in the session.


- If your proposal is selected, both the profiles and abstracts will be printed in the Programme Document please ensure that you stick to the word limit; it should also be in run-on sentence format. Please do not send profiles which include tables.
Your presentation in any form like doc file, ppt etc will be made available to the delegates after the conference through print and e media
- Proposals submitted without an abstract, full description, or complete information on all presenters will not be considered.


20 December 2011 – Last date to submit proposals
31 December 2011 – Notification of Selected Proposals


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