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EDGE Vision Document

The broad vision motivation of EDGE is to address contemporary and emerging issues and analyse the challenges faced by internationalization process. EDGE will address directions, policies, trends, needs, global peer networks and most importantly, the mindsets.

EDGE is an independent, open forum that seeks to bring diverse opinions to one table; the learned insights of visionaries, academicians and thought leaders as well as the adept practicality of policy makers, corporate, voluntary and professional organizations. While EDGE 2008 was shaping up, there were immense opportunities to interact with the Vision Group AND Academic Committee members, The Associates and Sponsors were also actively contributing to new ideas and thoughts

This was a major task with two main components. First, getting all individual to express their vision and priorities on Indian Higher Education and Second, distilling this further to get consolidated Group Vision...read more...

Research Reports
EDGE in collaboration with prestigious organizations has in the past 3 years released several research reports. The Reports have been produced in association with Ernst and Young, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), FED UNI – Parthenon and MARCH who have been working over the last 3 years with EDGE to produce research reports relevant for the higher education sector. In the year 2009 and 2010 Institute of International Education (IIE) also released Indiacentric reports at the EDGE Conference.

Research Reports at EDGE 2010 Conference

NIAS - EDGE Report on 'Catalysing Change'

The report discusses change as a concept and how theories of organizational change may be used to understand change in the higher education sector. It also examines some main global thrust area and drivers of change. The report also studies several factors which are critical for change at the systemic level...


EDGE - EY Report on 'Building Blocks - Infrastructure in Education

The report examines the huge opportunity and the challenges faced by the education sector in India in providing a conducive learning environment. The sector is witnessing rapid growth with an implied need for physical infrastructure to support the growth and increase outreach. Dwelling on it, the report illustrates the business models and ways to get involved in this not-for-profit sector. It looks at infrastructure holistically touching upon cost and recommended space standards to build international quality institutes...readmore...


FED UNI – Parthenon Report on ‘Bridging The Higher Education Gap: National Universities And Other Models’

One of the suggestions of the NKC is to set up a number of World-Class National Universities. The Commission recommended 50 such Universities with 10 of them within a three year time frame. The Report examines this suggestion in the current context of Indian Higher Education. Opinions were sought from Heads of some of the country’s well known Institutions. Their viewpoints pointed to the need for alternate models as well. The context of this report was, thereafter, expanded to include other models as well...readmore...


EDGE-VALUENOTES Report on ‘Examinations and the Role of Technology: Emerging Directions’

According to our calculations, the number of examinations in the higher education segment in the country, for just the Entrance and End-Course exams, are well over 200 million today. With steadily rising enrollment numbers and new courses being introduced each year, this number is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. In India, though the number of exams that leverage technology are currently insignificant, the questions we faced were: Is this the beginning of a trend? Can technology really make a difference? There was no structured study in India at all to understand key stakeholders’. This report embarks upon a journey to understand these issues through first-of-it-kind comprehensive study based on extensive primary research...readmore...


Instituteof International Education (IIE) Report on ‘International India: A Turning Point in Educational Exchange with the US’


Research Reports at EDGE 2009 Conference


MARCH Report on ‘Faculty Recruitment & Retention’

The key objective of the survey was to understand the Recruitment and retention practices followed by various higher education institutes in India and highlighted the various issues associated with it.

The report highlights the faculty crisis in India via-a-vis issues and challenges. The study also provides information on the recruitment and retention practice in select leading global institutions. Finally the report presents the existing recruitment and retention practice and the associated problems in various leading higher education institutions in India and suggests suitable measures to resolve the same.

EDGE - Ernst & Young 'Private Enterprise in India Higher

The report focuses on the market dynamics of the Indian higher education sector and presents some perspectives for private enterprises operating in this segment. The report has tried to highlight matters to consider in terms of the regulatory environment, the need to streamline operations to support rapid growth, financing options for educational enterprises and share some learning from growth stories of established higher educational institutes.

Though, not active players in the higher education space at present due to structural and regulatory challenges, private equity investors could play a key role in the expansion of India’s higher education infrastructure. The report has attempted to provide an overview of specific considerations that would drive investor interest in the education space based on our interaction with teams at some of the leading private equity funds active in India...readmore...

EDGE - NIAS report on ‘Transforming Educational Institutions for Global Opportunities – Directions in Higher Education’
The report brings out the various pertinent issues that need to be addressed and points out the challenges that the country faces while trying to attempt change. The document will act as a starting point to open up these issues in the hope of consideration and debates to reflect on possible strategies and best-practices to address these issues...readmore...
White Paper on ' Exploring Host Country Capacity for Increasing U.S. Study Abroad' byInstitute of International Education
Research Reports at EDGE 2008 Conference

EDGE – EY Report on ‘Globalising Higher Education in India’

The report highlights some cases that illustrate India’s potential to become a global brand for higher education. The study also provides information on the development of higher education in some key countries. Finally, the report presents some inference and best practices that have been researched from global discussions, country developments and institutional actions...readmore...

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